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The Cooper & Quinn Dark Series

Book 1: Dark Heart

Detective Sergeant Charlie Cooper has been hunting the Adultery Killer for ten years. Now he’s got a new partner, the killer has a new victim, and the case is red hot again. But when the killer turns up dead, his heart transplanted into a young cardiac patient, Cooper finds himself in a completely different race to save the final victim.

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Book 2: Dark Past

When young shipping company heir Jill Fisher is murdered in her apartment, her sister Beth decides to finish the ancestry research Jill was so passionate about. As Cooper and Quinn’s murder investigation and Beth’s research delve deep into the Fisher family and their business dealings, it soon becomes clear there’s a secret in the family’s past someone will kill to protect.

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Book 3: Dark Secrets

Jackie Rose is a mother on a mission. Determined to prove her eldest son didn’t commit suicide, she enlists Cooper’s help to find out what really happened to seventeen-year-old Lachlan. At first reluctant to investigate another team’s case, Cooper’s worst fear is soon realised – someone’s killing kids.

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Box Set 1: The Dark Series

Save approximately 45% and get the first three books, DARK HEART, DARK PAST, and DARK SECRETS, plus bonus novella DARK CITY, all in one easy download.

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Book 4: Dark Chemistry

A fatal stabbing in a local park appears to be a mugging gone wrong – but Cooper suspects there’s more to this murder than meets the eye. The victim worked at a local pharmaceutical plant, where protesters against the company’s manufacture of vaccines are becoming increasingly vocal. The victim was the CEO’s nephew, and soon a clear message is sent – stop making vaccines, or more blood will be shed.

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I’m an Australian author and lover of crime fiction. When I’m not writing, you can usually find me either enjoying the technology of an ebook, regressing with the feel of a physical book, or taking advantage of the many ways to consume TV series (how good is Netflix???). Occasionally I’ll venture out into the real world to walk my dog and get some exposure to sunlight, but mostly I’m a hermit lost in a fictional world, of my own or someone else’s making.

The Dark Series centres on Detective Sergeant Charlie Cooper, a veteran of the NSW Police Homicide Squad. Sydney is his home, his turf, and he both loves and loathes it. In the first book of the series, Dark Heart, Cooper gets a new partner, Joey Quinn. There are a few bumps along the way, naturally, but Cooper and Quinn eventually settle in for what we hope will be a long partnership. Well, I say we hope, but of course I’ve got plans that might derail those hopes!

The first four books are available now, and the fifth, Dark Edges, is coming hopefully September 2017.

If you’d like to keep up with my writing and be notified of new releases, click on the link above to join my reader’s group and get a free copy of Dark City, the prequel novella to the Dark series. Or you could follow me on Facebook or Twitter (links below).

I hope you enjoy my work, and please feel free to contact me using the contact form below if you have any questions or comments. I’d love to hear from you!


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